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A one piece sculpture of a warmouth. Warmouth are aggressive little fish often biting lures nearly the same size as itself, and therefore deserving celebration in copper sculpture. Overall size 6" x 10.5". Copper is heated with a propane torch and becomes soft and pliable. I use a collection of implements to cut and punch holes and lines in it and hammer it into shape on an anvil. As you bend and manipulate it, it becomes more firm. It's an interesting metallurgical operation and quite fun. I sealed it with a coat of laquer and attached it to a pine panel that I torched to give it an alligator sking texture and a nice dark backdrop to make the warmouth pop. Shou sugi ban is a Japanese technique of burning wood to make it more protected from the elements. The wood is sprayed with satin polyurethane to protect it and keep it from rubbing off on anything.

Warmouth in Copper by JK Christian Copper on Shou Sugi Ban Panel

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