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Artist's Statement

Macadamias are buttery and delicious. They're exotic because they're from Hawaii, a world away in a tropical island paradise. Pecans are flavorful and delicious. One could argue one or the other is the better nut, but you have to admit they're the top two nuts. I never had a macadamia until well into adulthood, as far as I know. Pecans fell from the sky and hit you on the head when I was a kid, as my Grandmother's yard had several huge pecan trees, my family homeplace had many as well. My cousins and I picked them, throwing sticks into the branches to bring down more, and we sold them to Thomas' General Store. $28 was a lot of money to a 10 year old in 1977. I could take for granted the miracle of the pecan, and long for the mysterious macadamia. But I don't, pecans are intertwined into my soul, and are objectively wonderful, and someone on the other side of the world might find them exotic. For the same reason I create art that celebrates the beauty and wonder of the natural world of my home in North Carolina. I hope you find my work worthwhile.

                                                                                               - Jeff Christian 7-31-2022

Why invest in Original Art? And why from this Artist?

You should buy art that you love, that you will enjoy looking at each time you enter the room in which you place it. Buying original art from a respected artist is also an investment that you enjoy as long as you have it. There will never be another piece just like it, and over time it should increase in value.

This Artist has committed his life to creating art with emotion and meaning, to reflecting the awesome power of God's Creation as best he can.  He has committed to never "churn out product", but to make art that has a personal connection, so every piece is a personal statement. He has also committed to making sturdy and permanent pieces that will last forever with the slightest amount of care.

What is Kingfisher Designs?

Think of Kingfisher Designs as the Artist's Gift Shop meets Bait and Tackle Shop meets Jeff's Skunkworks Secret Design Shop for extra special gear for fishing and enjoying the outdoor life. Under the Kingfisher Designs label, you'll find gifts like The Fishing Cards, Fish Print Bandanas, Performance Wear, and Fishing T-shirts.  Also, Jeff creates custom fishing lures and flies, kayak paddles, handcrafted landing nets and who knows what else.

Artist Biography  

Jeff Christian is a wildlife artist, illustrator, and designer with 30+ years of experience as a professional artist. Jeff grew up in North Carolina enjoying the outdoors, especially fishing, and he draws on his experiences to inspire his craft. Often after hours of entranced angling, he awakens to find himself in a perfect scene in a perfect time. That spot in time is the subject of many of his paintings. All of his artwork is the genuine expression of his awe of God’s Creation.  
   Jeff's art has appeared in magazines, catalogs, & apparel, for clients such as “Wildlife in North Carolina”, Penn Reels, & Fathom Offshore.  He has contributed many prints and originals to promote conservation organizations and charities such as the Coastal Conservation Association, Ducks Unlimited, & Heroes on the Water.  Jeff is a member of the North Carolina Wildlife Artist Society, exhibiting art all over North Carolina.    Jeff creates designs for clients all over the US.  Jeff's work can be found in gift shops and state parks along the East Coast, all over North Carolina, and in the marinas and tackle shops of the Louisiana Coast.  Along with art, design, and illustration, Jeff also enjoys woodworking, flytying, and boatbuilding.  Originals, limited edition prints, gifts, shirts, cards, hand-crafted gear, and information can be found on his websites -  and  Contact Jeff at .

Do you accept commissions? 

Although my workload has increased, I am always open to interesting projects. Please contact me and let's talk about it. I am proficient in many media, and enjoy stretching out my variety of subject matter and style. I think it helps make me a better artist. -Jeff

What are your favorite Media, Substrates, and Framing?

Lately I've been painting almost exclusively in oils. Sometimes watercolor is a better fit, and I've painted ceiling tiles for a dentist's office using acrylics which have worked out well.

I work a lot on stretched canvas, but I've been experimenting with painting on board and creating my own textured finish that avoids the regular patterning of woven cloth. I may stick with that in future paintings.

Woodworking and restoration has been a serious hobby of mine ever since my parents bought our family homeplace when I was in college. I developed a love of all the aspects of working with interesting woods, the smells, the feel, the color, the grain, the finish. Sadly, finding store bought frames that satisfy my desire to fit my art with the frame it deserves is a hard and expensive thing to do. So I tend to make my own frames from scratch out of the special wood I come across. I also collect interesting antique frames. I touch them up, fix them where necessary, but often I leave a nice patina and a little ding or two for character. I also like working on a nice thick wrap-around canvas where the painting goes around the sides and there's no need for a frame. These are great for larger pieces or a clean, more modern look. Ultimately, though, if you like a piece of art of mine, I will have it in what I think is a well-matched frame, but I will put that art in the frame that works for you in your home. - Jeff

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