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 The day begins with catching bait, looking for nervous water full of minnows, pogies, or shrimp, cinching up the castnet just right, and swinging it around and out to use the centrifugal force of the lead weights stitched into the outer edges of the net to get the net spread out wide over the bait-filled water, letting it sink around the bait and pulling it up as the net wraps around the bait ball, and unloading it into the bait bucket. With luck a few casts and you've got a day's worth of bait and you can waste little time getting to where you expect to find the big ones. The whole day's procedure is a joy of immersion in real live nature and the circle of life. My painting is from a real experience where I dropped my brother in law off to net a few at the entrance of the boat ramp at Emerald Isle, NC. The sky was breathtaking. The painting is on a panel that has 2" sides that I paint the scene around so it doesn't require a frame.

"Catching Bait" by JK Christian 18"x 24" Oil on panel

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